My Design Path 
I'm a passionate designer & creative with a proven track record of success in the field. Since joining Foodie Card back in October 2021, my focus has been on elevating the user experience across our responsive website and mobile apps. Please feel free to check out my resume.
My role involves diving deep into every aspect of the design journey, from crafting intuitive flows and wireframes to swift prototyping, meticulous testing, and ensuring seamless integration of new features. 
In addition to working on Foodie Card's product team, I also assist with UX/UI Design & web-development for our marketing agency, The Forking Group. The dual-sided nature of my role has allowed me to gain invaluable agency and in-house experience.
Prior to my current roles, I earned a B.S.B. in Marketing at DePaul University. I then learned UX Design through DesignLab's UX Academy. Starting from the academic realm and progressing through mentorship and hands-on experience, I continuously enrich my understanding and expertise in user experience & web design. 
Apart from design, I'm also a musician & photographer. I play drums, produce & mix music, and shoot 35mm film.
I make instrumental beats under my moniker Drumspeak, indie funk with my friend Trevor in our duo Tubesocks, and indie pop music with my band The Silver Palms
I first picked up film photography back in 2017 and have been hooked ever since. It's rare to find me outside of my apartment without a camera. I tend to gravitate towards landscape, documentary-style, street, and portraiture styles of photography. I've included a range of photos below, but I also post annoyingly often on my Instagram if you're curious to see more.
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